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My friends are rad. I have a tag on this blog that reflects this sentiment. I’m a fairly misanthropic gal by nature, and I didn’t want to stand on line when they were handing out patience, but the small tribe of friends I do have are close enough to me to be considered family. I love them deeply.

A lot of them are freelancers. A lot of them are much more badass than I. Therefore I present to you, in place of the usual “oh shit, I’m starving!” whining, a panel of guests and their responses to some softball questions about this charmed life we lead.

Name: Kelly. (Despite this occasionally being a girl’s name, this dude can kick your ass.)
Age: 40
Location: Portland, Oregon
Job: Consultant (IT)

Technically, I’m not freelance.  I get paid, no matter what.  Where being freelance does apply, is when I have to maintain the relationships with paying customers in order to ensure their future business.

Best or worst part about being freelance, or that aspect of your work that mimics freelancery? I know, freelancery isn’t a word, but bare with me.

The worst part about being freelance is having no one to blame but myself.

What’s your dream office?

On a boat, or while traveling.  My office would consist of whatever is on what ever table I am sitting at, any given time.

Any final thoughts?
While I have the freedom of not having an office, I do not have the freedom of really being able to work from wherever….yet.

Willie  here is the most dangerous friend I have, by far. He’s also the one I am going to go and hang out with when the zombies take over.

Name: Brimley, Wilford
Age: Fuck off.
Location: See age.
Job: Making people feel better or worse about their previous poor business decisions by giving me lots of money.

What’s your favorite part about being freelance?

Playing with my enormous piles of money.

And your least favorite part about being freelance?

Being forced to occasionally dress like a productive member of society and go shake down pitch to new, desperate clients.

And diabetes.

What would your dream office be like?

Somewhere that’s not too hot, and not too cold.  There should be ample tacos available nearby, and a coffee place for professional meetings.  One that isn’t filled with freakish-looking deadbeats that will make my clients too uncomfortable, but still has enough personality to make me appear “hip” and worth sacrificing a significant portion of their annual budget to.

And maybe share a little about what your current office is like.

My office is hot when it’s hot outside, which is why I prefer to work naked.  Mostly why, anyhow.  The taco place is not really walkable, and I live in Portland.

(Unlike Beyonce, Leigh is to the right, to the right.)

(Unlike Beyonce, Leigh is to the right, to the right.)

Leigh here is the friend I’d have throw down the soundtrack when the zombies attack. I was introduced to him outside of a Honda before he and Simon went to DJ a wedding. They both were wearing button-down shirts and ties, and both looked like the bad kids from some all-boys private school. Because his notoriety on the ones-and-twos is somewhat of legend, I solicited his responses to see if I could wring any inspiration out of him, or at least have his unwavering cool rub off.

Name (and any aliases): Leigh Feldman, aka HR Paperstacks, aka Leigh Majors
Age: 26
Location: Portland, Oregon, aka the greatest city in the world. [Editor’s Note: This was in response to my observation on vacation that New York still is the greatest city in the world.]

What’s your favorite part about freelancing?

My favorite part about being a freelance DJ is that I have the ability to take gigs when I want them; I have no set schedule of when and where I have to play, and I am free to play whatever music I decide for any event.

I also enjoy the fact that after building a solid following of friends that just like to party and know what kind of music I like to play (party music), I am able to throw my own events and have people come to wherever we decide to set up and just jam.

And the least favorite part?

My least favorite part about being freelance is the self-reliance. Often times if I want something to happen I have to go out and create it. So many people are trying to DJ and are busy hitting up bookers, promoters, event managers etc, which means that rather than presenting myself as a DJ I have to sell myself as a package deal – someone that can wear all of those hats.

If I had a regular gig I could rely on the venue for the residency, the promoter for the publicity and the manager to deal with all of the back end work, instead we have to take care of all of that ourselves, which takes away from the time I should be spending worrying about the music.

Dream office. Describe.

Dream office would be on the beach with a hammock near-by and with some sort of capability that allowed a robot to fill in for me for hour long shifts at a time. My regular office is pretty close to that. Just without the beach and robot aspects.


AinsleyDrew at gmail dot calm.

Back from the better coast on Tuesday. (Insert wistful sigh here.)


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  1. Contrary to your image, I cannot kick any one’s ass. I can however intimidate people into enjoying the experience of getting to know me. Wurd.

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