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[Please note: That I am using too many “Please notes” to start these puppies off. But, seriously, if you are a designer, or knows someone who is in the design field, there is a special mint waiting on your pillow at the end of this post.]

It’s rare that I’ll tell you that you “must” see a movie, listen to an album, or go to a website. It’s not ’cause I don’t feel strongly about things, it’s just ’cause I’ve learned that my opinion is usually wrong.

For the record, the answers would be Mildred Pierce, The Cure’s Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, and The High Definite.

Ah, a fellow blog review. How meta?

I discovered The High Definite while looking for interesting links to field out to The Rumpus, and it was the post “Hores Love Carots that got me to write about the site that describes itself as, “Regurgitated Media, Useless Opinions, Trivial Entertainment.” It reminds me of what men’s magazines want to be: aggregated content, original articles, and just the right amount of snark to combine a review of Josh Whedon’s new show “Dollhouse” with a display of Eliza Dushku topless that’s still safe for work. I had to find the guys responsible for this amount of awesome and ask them the five w’s. It turns out the guys behind it are spearheaded by one genius who is now one of my Internet idols. He took the time out of his busy, sunny California day and to tell me how he keeps it classy, not just for San Diego.

Jerk Ethic: When did you start The High Definite and why?

The High Definite
: I started The High Definite in September of last year in an effort to actually do something productive while I was at work.  I was always cruising the web anyway and sending people funny shit so I figured I might as well do it on a larger scale, which is probably just like every other blogger started.

Jerk Ethic: Was it your first blog?

The High Definite
: In college I had an embarrassingly bad blog that I would probably make fun of on my current blog if I didn’t know myself.  I deserved to get my dick kicked in for that one.

Jerk Ethic: What do you do for a living?

The High Definite: I do proposal coordination and strategic planning for one of the nerdiest military contractors on the planet.  I was working on a proposal the other day with a guy whose literal job title is “rocket scientist”.  There are beards and Patagonia vests as far as the eye can see.

Jerk Ethic: Yikes. Sounds like Portland, only with more intellect than indie rock. Where do you live?

The High Definite: Sunny San Diego about a mile from the Pacific, which is one reason why I’d like to turn this thing into a full-time gig because having an office job here seems criminal, like you’re wasting nature or something.

Jerk Ethic: What was the most boring job you’ve ever had?

The High Definite: The most boring job I’ve ever had is the job that led me to start blogging in the first place.  I was a project financial controller for a government consulting firm. Sorry, I almost fell asleep in the middle of that sentence. Basically I wouldn’t do anything until the end of the month when the project financial snapshots were due.  Then, being the procrastinator that I am, I’d spend eight hours a day for three or four days running spreadsheets in Excel, in a basement sans sunlight, in one of the sunniest cities in the world.  Phrases like “mass murder” don’t seem so bad after a year and a half of that.

Jerk Ethic: Have you ever experienced “blogger burnout” or whatever the kids are calling it these days?

The High Definite: Yeah I’ve heard that phrase and I don’t get what it means.  I’ve only been blogging for a couple of months, but I feel like it’d take a great deal of effort to feel burnt out from sitting on your ass and anonymously posting your views on obscure topics. Posting videos of retards on Youtube isn’t that exhausting to me…then again my animalistic stamina knows no bounds.

Jerk Ethic: Well then, what’s your view on blogging?

The High Definite: My views on blogging are on totally opposite sides of the meter depending on what kind of blog it is.  If you’re trying to portray your serious, heartfelt views on politics, religion, the news, your feelings, or anything at all, I’m skipping your whiny bullshit.  If you can entertain me at a level that would entertain me when I’m blacked out drunk — which is pretty much the brain I show up to work with — I’ll check your shit like five times a day.

Jerk Ethic: Okay, so while we’re on the topic of entertainment and mindless bullshit, what’s your take on social networking sites?

The High Definite: To be honest, I doubt my blog could survive without them.  My blog readership is like a bunch of friends taking STD tests in front of one another, lots of people come to see the outcomes and laugh but no one wants to participate.  As a result I rely on social networking sites for a lot of the content that gets thrown up on The High Def.  They’re nice to have around because I feel like there’s so much retarded shit out on the Internet, and I’d prefer to have my retarded shit filtered to a manageable level, based off of ratings, by other retards.  It’s just more efficient.

Jerk Ethic: What’s the worst thing that ever happened to The High Definite?

The High Definite: The rise of the “list” in the blogging world.  Top 10 this, top 7 that…they’re fucking exhausting to research and write.  It used to be funny pictures, funny videos, and busting on celebrities and stupid people in the news. Now every blog worth its muster is doing it and to keep up you’ve got to come up with some on your own.  Not only has every list topic ever conceived been taken, but then you’ve got to actually do research and write somewhat meaningful nonsense, which are two things I’m not very fond of.

Jerk Ethic: And what’s been the highlight of your High Def career?

The High Definite: “Batman Has Sad Christmases“.  It provided me with my first day of over 1500 views, and it still makes me laugh.

For sure, this baby blog had better stick around. With pictures of Samuel L. Jackson, and a formula for greatness rivaled only by Mountain Dew, The High Definite is a blog worth its weight in pixels. Definitely check it out. Oh, he makes it too easy.

All right, a note for designers and those who sleep with them: I’ve recently been given the unpaid task of editing a new quarterly publication, Design Business Review. If you have any article pitches, ideas, or opinions on what to tell those in the field of design who are struggling to make a name for themselves in this economy, let me know. Also, if you’d like to write for DBR, drop me a line. We can’t pay for articles (yes, this is yet another job I am doing for the love of words with little return) but it can give you recognition in a magazine, which some designers equate with free press. AinsleyDrew at gmail dot com.

Thanks to everyone who donates to keep Jerk Ethic going! Times are tough, and I’m shocked that people are still kind enough to toss a little pocket change my way.

Hire us! It’s like a donation, only less benevolent.


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